Emma Holmes joined the board of directors

The organisation officially started in 1998 but has its roots in earlier Nordic societies for andrology, such as The Nordic Association for Andrology (NAFA) that goes back to the 1950´s.
Today, SAF is part of the Swedish Society for Medical Practitioners (Svenska Läkarsällskapet) and have for the last 20 years or so worked on Andrology becoming its own speciality within medicine. They have yearly meetings and offer courses in Andrology, and possibly also certificates in Andrology.

Since Emma works with andrology research in the fi eld of Reproductive medicine, infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), she will bring her expertise in this area of andrology to the Society. It is an honour for Nidacon to have an employee involved in an organisation like this in Sweden.
Furthermore, Emma is currently fi nishing up her PhD. in Andrology at the ANOVA clinic through the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The dissertation is planned to take place early 2020. During our workshops here at Nidacon, she often talks about her research findings and how they apply to handling sperm prior to ART.

Emma’s latest publications
Holmes, E., Björndahl, L., & Kvist, U. (2019b). Post-ejaculatory increase in human semen osmolality in vitro. Andrologia, e13311. https://doi.org/10.1111/ and.13311
Holmes, E., Björndahl, L., & Kvist, U. (2019a). Possible factors influencing post-ejaculatory changes of the osmolality of human semen in vitro. Andrologia,
e13443. https://doi.org/10.1111/ and.13443