Exact time protocols to follow, patients arriving at a specific time, etc., can sometimes be quite stressful. We, therefore, have a more flexible protocol for our recommended freezing method for sperm using SpermCryoProtec.

Two flexible variables

  1. Incubation time in the fridge after loading the straws.

The range is 10-60 minutes. Any difference between 10 and 60 minutes? The survival results, when incubating for 60 minutes compared to 10, shows a slight increase when incubated for 60 minutes. The major difference however is, between not incubating and incubating for 10 minutes.

  1. Time on the CryoFloater in LN2

The recommended time is 10-30 minutes. Measuring the temperature on the floater, it goes down quite fast and 10 minutes is more than enough but, in order to make it more flexible, we recommend the range of 10-30. No difference in result with regards to survival rate has been found in our tests between 10 and 30 minutes but it will give you the chance to take the coffee you so desperately need!