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BotuSemen Extenders

The ideal, cool transport, equine Semen Extender. Choose the right extender for Your Stallion!

Several years of work by Brazilian researchers now provide the equine industry with an economical yet, first class extenders. In addition to the combination of sugar and protein sources, BotuSemen Extenders contains important amino acids that help the sperm tolerate the cooling process, considerably better than other extenders. BotuSemen Extenders also has an ideal combination of antibiotics that have no adverse effects on sperm or fertility.

    • BotuSemen: Extender based on skimmed milk to transport cooled semen, to preserve at 5 or 15⁰C and for centrifugation pre-freeze Suitable for most stallions, best cost/benefit ratio.
    • BotuSemen Special (New): Extender based on skimmed milk with the addition of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a part of the membrane and contributes to its stability. BotuSemen Special is highly recommended for pre-freezing centrifugation and is suitable for spermatozoa with sensitivity to cooled transport.
    • BotuSemen GOLD (New): Extender with casein and cholesterol. Milk casein phosphoproteins protects sperm cells from seminal plasma proteins (HSP-1, 2), prolonging sperm longevity.  Casein in extenders induces a higher rate of binding to the oocyte. For preservation at 5 or 15⁰C and for centrifugation pre-freeze. Suitable for all stallions, especially for those with suspected premature sperm capacitation.
    • BotuTurbo (New): Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Pentoxifylline which inhibits phosphodesterase by increasing APMc responsible for the control of the ATP production. Ideal for fresh insemination or cooled semen transport at 5⁰C. Suitable for stallions with poor sperm motililty.
  • Article No. / Name / Volume
    BTS-100 / BotuSemen / 100 mL
    BTSP-100 / BotuSemen No Water / 100 mL
    BTSS-100 / BotuSemen Special / 100 mL
    BTT-100 / BotuTurbo / 100 mL
    BTSG-100 / BotuSemen Gold/ 100 mL

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