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A cryoprotectant medium for equine sperm, with a novel and innovative formulation.

After years of research and fertility trials at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil, and multicenter field testing, this cryoprotectant medium, BotuCrio, combines the best components to protect cells from damage caused by freezing, and to protect the fertilizing ability of sperm after thawing.


The combination of Nidacon’s two products, EquiPure and BotuCrio, provide a way to freeze semen from many stallions, particularly referring to those stallions whose semen could not previously be frozen commercially with useable sperm yields.

    • A novel and innovative formulation: After years of research and fertility trials at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil, and multicentre field testing, this cryoprotectant medium combines the best components to protect cells from the damage caused by freezing, and to protect their fertility after thawing.
    • Better Motility Parameters: The formulation of BotuCrio contains a lower concentration of glycerol and, in combination with one of several amides, results in better sperm integrity, sperm viability, better post-thaw total and progressive motility, as well as sperm velocity, compared to other commercially available, freezing extenders.
    • Better Fertility Rates: Studies have indicated that stallion sperm frozen in BotuCrio have better fertility compared with other extenders. These very good, in-vitro results during field experiments have been confirmed to provide higher pregnancy rates after insemination.
    • Fewer Inseminations per Pregnancy: The higher pregnancy rates achieved with semen frozen in BotuCrio results in a higher pregnancy rate per cycle and fewer inseminations per pregnancy. That means it will cost less to breed a mare.
  • IFU

  • Article No. / Name / Volume
    BTC-025 / BotuCrio / 25 mL

  • How to improve the freezability and fertility of stallion semen using silanated silica-particle solution (EquiPure)

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