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About Nidacon

A swedish company

Nidacon, a Swedish company headquartered in Gothenburg, manufactures and markets medical devices, mainly for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), with IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination (IUI) and vitrification solutions.
NidaCon continually strives to improve the outcome of ART, with more pregnancies, by developing superior media systems for clinics, patients and the animal breeding industry.

Nidacon staff

Dr. Paul Holmes. MSc, PhD, DrMedSc, Associate Prof.

+46 31 703 06 31

It all started with a burning passion for more knowledge and the possibility of making a difference. This was the motivator for 23 years of bench research with embryos and with the development of new IVF systems. Subsequently, in the early 1990’s, much of the research was gathered into the founding of a couple of companies and some of these, including NidaCon are still thriving.

Nidacon staff

Dr. Ewa Ustyanowska-Holmes, MD

+46 31 703 06 30

Executive Medical Director. MD
One of the founders of Nidacon. Particularly involved in corporate organization, investment funding, as medical advisor and a strong supporter of R & D.

Nidacon staff

Magda Alic Holmes

+46 31 703 06 35

Vice President
Started working in the ART field 20 years ago. I worked mainly with customer service, marketing, management and various regulatory missions. The last couple of years I have been responsible for the daily operations at NidaCon, and believe in the strength of a close working team, always having a customer oriented focus, a global mindset and constant development.

Nidacon staff

Kristina Wright

+46 31 703 06 34

Financial Coordinator
Started working at NidaCon 2002. I am today responsible for the financial side of the company but I have touched other parts of the company like handling orders, customer contact and production. I feel that NidaCon gives me room to develop and grow within and outside my expertise which is a positive challenge.

Nidacon staff

Oscar Rymo

+46 31 703 06 33

Marketing Manager
What drives me in my work is a strong belief in the power of relationship-marketing and the value of personal communication, both through face-to-face meetings but also through the possibilities new communication tools offer. I have worked as Marketing Manager at Nidacon now for 8 years, with a broad experience in marketing, both from the Med-Tech field, but also from other industries.

Nidacon staff

Anders Edvardsson

+46 31 703 06 32

IT and Administration Coordinator
Joined the Nidacon team 2002 as a Logistics Coordinator and after many years as a Key Account Manager, working closely with our distributors throughout the world, now hold the position as IT and Administration Coordinator.

Nidacon staff

Mauricio Lucena

+46 31 703 06 39

Key Account Manager – Community Manager
More than 20 years working as the CEO of Cecolfes, an IVF-clinic in Colombia. I joined the Nidacon team in 2010 as a Key Account Manager, expanding the market in Latin America. Also work as a Community Manager, opening a new world of opportunities and new ways of communication with our customers.

Nidacon staff

Ann-Sofie Forsberg

+46 31 703 06 42

Product Specialist
After 12 years as an embryologist in an IVF clinic in Göteborg, I joined the Nidacon team in 2005. I’m working with giving our customers and distributors all the support they need when it comes to handling our products. Also engaged in developing new products and responsible for our clinical trials. I like working close to our customers, many projects together with clinics which gives us a good insight in what clinics need and what we can do to help.

Nidacon staff

Anna Niläng

+46 31 703 06 38

Product Development Manager
Has been a part of the Nidacon team since the year 2000. She has a background in business (Uppsala University) and laboratory science (Gothenburg University). She is responsible for the product development and is also product specialist for the animal products.

Nidacon staff

Emma Holmes

+46 31 703 06 43

Product Development
Started working at Nidacon in 2005/2006 although I have been connected with the world of ART for many years prior to that. I have a background in Science and specifically Animal Biology (Univ.of Guelph, Canada). I am currently doing a Ph.D at The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in the field of Andrology. At Nidacon I work solely in research and development right now and really thrive on finding new ideas and solutions. I have previously also worked in marketing as a product specialist. Member of the board of directors for the Swedish Society of Andrology (Svensk Andrologisk Förening, SAF).


Nidacon staff

Håkan Nilsson

+46 31 703 06 36

Production Manager
Started working at Nidacon as a lab technician in the year 2000. Has since the last decade been a coordinator of in-house and outsource production and is today responsible for the production.

Nidacon staff

Sean Graham

+46 31 703 06 44

To work for a company controlled by ideas and not money attracted me to Nidacon. A “family” of forward thinking individuals fits my style perfectly as I bring work experience from several different fields. Knowing our daily work, whether it be washing dishes or developing ideas, helps people fill their lives with the joy of children makes it easy to come to work every day.

Nidacon staff

Christina Jonsson

+46 31 703 06 41

Started working at Nidacon May 2016. I have a long experience within the production area. Nidacon is a company that gives me the opportunity to develop even more in the area of production and purchasing.

Nidacon staff

Marina Danilova

+46 31 703 06 40

Has been a part of the Nidacon team since the year 2001. She has a background as biologist (Russia, MarGU, University). She is responsible for the quality assurance testing of all products.

Nidacon staff

Dennis Johansson

+46 31 703 06 37

Logistics Coordinator
Has been a part of the Nidacon team since the year 2004. I started as a lab assistant and now I’m working as a logistic coordinator. I’m responsible for Nidacons storage and I´m handling your orders and all deliveries.

Nidacon staff

Manisha Olausson

+46 31 703 06 48

RA Manager
I started at Nidacon International in August 2014 as RA manager. In September 2012 I began a 2-year Higher Vocational Education course called “Quality and Process developer – Life Science”, which I finished in June this year. Previously I have worked as a Math and Science teacher for 16 years in Swedish secondary and upper secondary schools.

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