This novel device consists of an insert within a centrifuge tube. 

The outer chamber of the ProInsert is designed for easy layering of PureSperm gradient layers and for adding the semen sample on the gradient prior to centrifugation.

During preparation of sperm from a semen sample using a density gradient separation, the ProInsert facilitates both the gradient preparation and the pellet retrieval.

The central channel is designed for the safe and easy removal of the sperm pellet after centrifugation. You will achieve a very clean preparation, and avoid the risk of recontamination.

You will also save time; studies have shown that it takes half the time to prepare a sample using the ProInsert compared to the standard method for density gradient preparations.

The kit consists of 5 sterile tubes including the insert, tubes for the washing of the pellet and 5 specially designed pipettes for retrieval of the pellet.

This device has been tested in several IVF clinics and is used routinely at the clinic in Pretoria, South Africa; results from there have been published by Dr. Carin Huyser and her group.