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Nidacon manufactures and markets medical devices, mainly for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), with IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination (IUI) and vitrification solutions.

We continually strives to improve the outcome of ART, with more pregnancies, by developing superior media systems for clinics, patients, and the animal breeding industry. We often provide tips and tricks about these areas to help improve assisted reproduction. Read more »

We are important

In a natural conception, there are two parents involved in the process of creating life. In ART we have “several parents” and we all have an influence and are equally important. We are a part of creating life. We have an inbuilt meaning and purpose because we are doing a job that makes a difference. We all have the same aim and it is a joint effort.

Part of something big

Good to know!

The Nidacon mailserver has been down between afternoon 4/9 till noon 5/9 2018. Please resend your emails if you suspect any mails to be lost. Thanks for your help!

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Conferences, congresses & workshops

Nidacon continuously work for developing medical devices to improve and develop the outcome of ART. Therefore we often participate in conferences and workshops to develop our products and knowledge. If you are interested to know more or can tell us about an interesting event we happily welcome any information.

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Tips and Tricks April 2018

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